February 4, 2016



February 3, 2016



Yes, I am indeed alive and well. Let me start out by giving my deepest apologies for the hiatus. To be completely honest, I took some time off. Finding myself too wrapped up in being so deeply concerned about my image had me see a side of myself I wasn't happy with. It seemed like becoming thinner, prettier, and striving to look like something I'm never going to be were causing me anxiety. The day I found myself googling "how to become hot" was the breaking point. (honestly wtf) so over the holiday season I took some time to focus solely on myself and my family and allow the rest to fall into place.

Over that time period, I got my sh*t together and was starting to become a better version of myself. I was chasing after my dreams more than ever and boy did it pay off. I'm currently residing in New York City for my spring academic semester interning with Michael Kors. 

This internship is one I have been working for the last 2 years of my college career. After constant rejections and feeling like I would never be good enough, it was hard to keep my eye on the prize, but staying hungry is one of the most important lessons I've learned. Work your ass off and it will pay off, and that's that. Now that I am getting back into the blogging scene, I want to keep you all updated on not only fashion but everything that the NYC experience has taught me. Living in a city I've never been to (and after being here I'm confused that it took me 22 years to get here) submersed in one of the toughest, dog-eat-dog industries out there, and away from all the comfort that Cincinnati is has already opened my eyes to so much. Being away has made me realize how strong and independent I am, but also how grateful I am for the people I love in life. In a city of 6 million people with constant excitement and things to do and still missing your friends in Cincinnati makes me realize just how special they are.

NYC has made me realize those who add value to my life, and those who don't. Anyone who knows me well knows that it's very (very...) difficult for me to let go of people. I've been holding on tight to toxic relationships that have caused me to neglect time with the ones who really matter. I believe the timing of this experience was perfect for me, forcing me to solely focus on the ones who do add that value to my life. 
I can't wait to keep all my readers updated on this journey and what it has in store for me! Before I get out to shooting more, here are a few pics so far from my time in the city.



 ~Thankful to live in a city where walking 6+ miles a day allows me to eat cookies the size of my face


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