December 1, 2016

 With the recent wrapping of Thanksgiving, and the official start of December tomorrow the holiday season is in full swing. That being said, I'm taking a lil' detour from fashion with this post to reflect on this year and the importance of surrounding yourself with light. As those who are close to me know, after a long, arduous battle with breast cancer my sweet mother passed away this past June. The grieving process has been confusing, at times unbearable, and painful as hell. It's a road I go down everyday. Facing my greatest and most horrifying fear which is losing my mother, has caused me to look at all situations and relationships in life in a different way. At 22, I found the strength I never knew I had.


We often discuss how "you are who you surround yourself with" and the extremity of surrounding yourself with good people. This process has taught me those statements are as true as they seem even when displayed on a cliche Tumblr page. I quickly realized in such a dark time, I would eventually need to find the light again. Such a life shaping event opened my eyes to the hearts I wanted to surround myself with. I quickly saw who was there for me, and who always will be and if you were not one of those hearts, I removed you from my life immediately without looking back. I now have people around me who make me feel like there is a light. I feel loved and supported and their presence honor's the woman my mother would want me to be. There are people I have known for 17 years, and some I have known for 1 and they all mean the most to me. It's been an exceptional pleasure to meet those who I feel I can creatively express myself with. They appreciate the qualities that separate me from the rest. 


This holiday season I am more grateful for the people who have shown me the light again and I encourage you all to let those in your life know they are special, and beautiful, and loved. It's at the worst times when you will find those who have been and will always be there, and never forget that.


Love to you all,




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