December 20, 2016

 Music definitely inspires all artistic realms and mediums of my everyday life. Whatever I wake up listening to is generally what inspires how I dress that day, what pictures I take, what content I put out, etc. Spotify is never far from where I am. I could discuss music with someone all day, everyday. Getting new artist and song recommendations is the most romantic thing someone could do for me honestly. I find it so fascinating to learn about the types of music that others enjoy,  unless it's country music I'm sorry I just can't get on that train. That being said, if you were to look at my "recently played artists" tab on my Spotify account you will find artists all over the map.I can go from 90's hip hop, to indie rock, r&b, oldies, and synth indie pop in under 20 minutes. 


2016 was my most difficult year yet, as I further discussed in my previous post. It was a year of dark and trying times, but music was always a constant light for me in several moments. 2016 was also a fantastic year for music, and my bank account is a direct correlation for that statement. For anyone in the Cincinnati area who enjoys vinyl as much as myself, I highly recommend paying a visit to Everybody's Records in Pleasant Ridge. Their selection is simply wonderful. That being said, I've curated a playlist for you all of my 17 favorite artists at the moment this winter (sticking to 10 was really not working out for me, so I tried 15 but ya know). Some of these artists I have been listening to for years and have dropped an album in 2016 or I simply come back to remembering how much I enjoy their material, others have just recently been introduced to me via some pals of mine. Definitely threw in a tribute to my dearest mama at the end, Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons were her favorite and she definitely got me hooked. She was the coolest lady around I tell ya:) 


I've attached a link to my wintEr~~ playlist directly to Spotify. Hope you enjoy listening! Feel free to comment with any of your current favorite artists or send me an e-mail, I'd love to know what you all are listening to! 






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